UWA Head Coach

Grandmaster Dr. Austin “The Technician” Wright Sr.
International Director of Universal Warrior Martial Arts Programs, Author,
Highest Ranking Authority
Inducted in 5 World Hall of Fames and an International World Grand Champion

Top Rated Credentials – See Bio

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Master Ostrowski, 6th Dan U.S.National Forms Champion and Team Coach

Master Wilson, 6th Dan Several Time NationalChampion and Grand Champion,Founder of Girls Scout Karate League

Master Kaminski, 6th DanU.S. National Team Coach

Sensei Austin “Budda” Wright, Jr.,5th Dan World Champion in Karate and Ju-Jitsu

Sensei Vito Doria, 4rd Dan

National Champion andInternational Runner Up

Sensei Wayne Shivers, 5th DanWorld

Champion and Team Coach

Mr. William Vaughn,3rd Dan

National Champion

Mr. Eulices Mateo, 3rd Dan

World and National runner-up

Mr. Joseph McNamara, 4th Dan

National and Grand Champion

Mr. Michalski 3rd Dan Head

Teacher atE.S.U. Karate Club in Pennsylvania

Mr. Filippone – Presently spreading

U.W.A. concepts in Italy

Ms. Priscilla Wright, 3rd Dan

World and National Champion.
Hall of Fame Female

Competitor of the Year

Mr. A. Newman 4th Dan

Sensei Lenin Perdomo

Sensei Shannan Friend3rd DanState,

Regional, National & International Kumite Champion

Mr. Chris Shaw Sr., 3 Time National Champion andWorld Champion 1st Dan

Mr. Jack O’Brien,World Champion 1st Dan

Mr. Chris Simpson2nd Dan

Mr. Anthony Doria,

National Champion

Ms. Deana Lubach,

World and State Champion

CoachesJames SheehanKenneth Thompson Sr.

Jocelyn Brea – Black Belt 1st Dan

New Mexico

Professor John Siracusano – 5th Dan

Our Trainers / Instructors volunteer their time to continue the Martial Arts  Legacy by passing down the Traditions to the next Generation