UWA Martial Arts HQ’s Bayonne and Jersey City, New Jersey.


Kids, Teens and Families Are Under Attacks By Bullies, World Wide


master21The “Old Age” Soldiers/Warriors (Teens and Adults), of yesterday are now the “New Age” Warriors of today. They must balance the raising of a family, with work and duty to Self Protection, Self Defense and Safety of the Mind, Body, Spirit, Intellect and Emotional Well Being. They are Everyday Heroes.

A New Age Warrior is a person who can raise their family to the best of their ability, hold down a job, take care of their responsibilities and represent the Martial Arts cause. The Fighting Spirit must be strong willed and be able to adapt to change. I believe in Action and Re-Action. I am a mover, who believes in cause, effect, and results. I believe that you can take the invisible and make it visible if you Will ! ! ! I believe that emotion stirs upcommotion and commotion is a source of emotional fuel that can be seen in “dramatic action.” Being humbled, and achieving inner peace, I’ve learned that true spiritual power comes “Not by Might, Nor by Power, but by my spirit,” says the Lord…Zechariah 4:6. This builds the warrior within. In Japanese, the inner spirit is called Ki and in Chinese Chi, thus achieving “Bushido” which, translated is the spirit of the warrior, not pugilistic or reckless but disciplined and ready.
Thus, the Wise Win before they Fight, while the Ignorant Fight to Win…Sun Tzu
I believe and think that the Holy Spirit of God, guides us to the Universal Light and is constantly challenging Resistant Spirits.

“Why choose Wright’s Martial Arts Academy?”

First, We are (3) Generations of Traditional and International Martial Arts World Champions. Second, we have been training since the late 1950’s and are bonded, registered, recognized and received International Fame.

Third, Our styles of Asian Martial Arts like Japanese Jujitsu, Okinawan Isshin-Ryu Karate, Kick-Boxing, and American Universal Warrior Martial Arts, have been proven in Warfare, Street Survival, and the Arena for over 2000 years. Grandmaster Wright has Master’s degrees and ranks in several arts.
We also provide a Grappling, Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA fitness Program for Corporate America and Kids Ages 3 to Adult, outsourced by MMA Instructors/Coaches.

Haven’t picked up the phone yet?

Be Smart! Defend yourself and your family from the Start. We have a program for the entire family. Practicality is Emphasized, and “Belts and Ranks are Earned”, not given away without merit, and Sensei ranks are not given to kids.
Also, we are a Black Belt Leadership Academy that specializes in Personal Family Safety, Special Needs Children and Adult Fitness at reasonable prices.

Grandmaster Austin Wright Sr.
International UWA Martial Arts President
NJ State Director, US National Team Alliance