Grand Master Hanshi Austin Wright Sr.

2x International World Champions Team 2005 & 2010.

World International Grand Champion Austin Wright Sr.

Inducted in 7 International World Martial Arts Hall of Fame

3X Gold Medal Winner

  • Gary Alexander’s International Association of Martial Arts Award 2005.

  • GrandMaster Don Nagel’s Isshin-Ryu A.O.K.A. Hall of Fame Recognized “Hanshi” East Coast Alliance 1997.

  • North American Federation of Martial Arts 2007 & 2011. Master Jose Torres.

  • Martial Arts World Magazine of Martial Arts, GrandMaster Y.K. Kim International 2011.

  • Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame Master Allen Goldberg 2016

  • Cervizzi Martial Arts Hall of Fame Soke Paul Cervizzio 10th Dan 2013

  • Trelawney, Jamaica World Freedom Games 2005 & 2010 International World Grand Champions

  • Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame

  • Master Allen Goldberg 2016

  • Cervizzi Martial Arts Hall of Fame

  • Soke Paul Cervizzio 10th Dan 2013

  • Recognized Hanshi by A.O.K.A.

  • Kids World Karate, Ju-Jutsu and Martial Arts Champion’s Coach

  • Public School Educator / Special Needs

  • Industry Leader & Tournament Promoter

  • U.S. National Team NJ State Director

  • Featured in Martial Arts World Magazine 2011

  • Author of Universal Warrior Arts Manual and Spiritually Motivating

  • Inspiration for Self-Defense.

  • Universal Warrior Martial Arts 10th Dan

  • Okinawan Isshin-Ryu Karate Hanshi 8th Dan

  • Japanese Ju-Jutsu Tactical Master Instructor

  • Kick-Boxing and Boxing Coach

  • International Inspirational Multi-Discipline Grand Master of the Decade U.S.A. Hall of Fame

  • 40 yrs of Asian Multi Discipline Training 1970’s

  • Personal Protection & Safety Instructor

  • Established since 1985

  • Judo/Jujitsu Combative Arts and Street Survival Self Defense System 9th Dan Dr. James Lavender.

  • Austin Wright Sr. International World Karate Success Story proven in the arena.


2011 Mutli-Discipline Grand Master of the Decade.

2005 Austin Wright Soke of the Year

U.S.A. International Budo Society Ranking Board Member “Budo Award” Recipient 2009

In 2007 Wright was recognized by an International “Alliance” Ranking Board Panel as a 10th Dan in the Universal Warrior Martial Arts System (U.W.A.).

Austin Wright Sr. has over (10) Grand Master’s Signatures in the Art of Japanese, Ju-Jutsu, Karate-Do and Okinawa Karate from Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada, US and Japan, just to name a few.

Grandmaster Dr. Austin Wright Sr. was presented the Followings Awards: Board Of Chosen Freeholders Proclamation by Chairman Jeffrey Dublin, Office of The City Clerk City of Jersey City Resolution by Mariano Vega, Jr. President of the Municipal Council, and Office of the Mayor City of Jersey City Proclamation by Mayor Jeremiah T. Healy on October 25, 2008 U.S. Open Regional Martial Arts Championship “Fighting for A Cure”.

Austin Wright Sr. was featured on Comcast News Makers November 2008. see video above

In 2008 Austin Wright Sr. was presented with The Ruth K. Newman Award for Educational Excellence by North Hudson Academy.  He has been an Educator in the Public School System since 1999

“Featured in Martial Arts World Magazine 2011” In 2008-2011.  Austin Wright Sr. received an Honorary  Ph.D. and Ma.D.Sc., Doctorates of Martial Arts Philosophy and Martial Arts Science accredited by The University of Asian Martial Arts Studies at the U.S.A. Hall of Fame


The Degrees are Authenticated by:

Dr. Jim Thomas President College of Martial Arts Science, Choji W. Kim Ph.D. / D.Sc. President, International Advisory Board and Hirouki Matsumoto Ph.D. / D.Sc. / MMA Dean of Academics recognized by the International Council / Chapter of Higher Education, U.S.A., Canada, Saudi Arabia, European Chapters and University of Asian Martial Arts Studies.

Associations and Member of:

UWA Martial Arts Federation of America – President & International Director
U.S. National Martial Arts Team “Alliance” NJ Branch
Jersey City Board of Education
Hudson County Board of Education
National Notary Public
Fighting Irish
Hispanic Parade Committee
Dominican Parade Jersey City Council – Gregory Malave
American Okinawan Karate Association – A.O.K.A.
North American Federation of Martial Arts

International Martial Arts Association
World Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame
USA Hall of Fame Alumni
Martial Arts World Magazine
Comcast News Makers
Public Access – Bayonne & Jersey City, NJ
Tom Patire’s – CDT Escort, Security & Personal Protection Trainer
D.E.P Drug Elimination Program
Bayonne Soccer Club Italian Alumni
Bayonne Youth Center
VFW Post 226 – Bayonne Branch
Former US Air Force Instructor