Grandmaster Austin Wright Sr. received an Honorary Doctorate in Martial Arts Philosophy and Science, Ph.D / Ma.D. Sc. – by the U.S.A. Hall of Fame Dr. Jim Thomas. For more information click here :

You are invited to the US National Martial Arts Team Competition. All systems, all styles. Everyone is welcome to be part! This is a Point Qualifier for “WORLD GAMES” Trelawny, Jamaica January 23, 2010.


Alliance, a Fraternal Order of Brotherhood/Sisterhood unity within all Styles & Systems.
A network that includes everyone! All Schools…all members
Our goals achieved yearly due to Alliance memberships
If you’re current…Great!
If not…register today!
Any questions call 937-678-4435
Dr. Jim Thomas

New Jersey State Director Grandmaster Dr. Austin Wright Sr. is coordinating presently with Dr. Jim Thomas, Head Coach. He will assist as an additional Head Sparring Coach representing New Jersey as an official State Alumni. Team Wright’s Karate, Ju-Jutsu and Martial Arts earned the right to compete Internationally in 2010 at the “World Freedom Games” for the U.S. National Martial Arts Team “Alliance” .


We are presently holding a Regional Tournament November 21, 2009. A Points Qualifier for the U.S. National Martial Arts Team “Alliance”