[frame align=”left”][/frame]Our Mixed Martial Arts Program is made up of a balance of the most effective Martial Arts styles used by Professional MMA Fighters: Brazilian Jiu-jitsuBoxingMuay Thai and Wrestling. In order to give our students the most authentic experience possible, all of our classes are taught by Black Belts and Experienced Professional Instructors who are experts and long time practitioners in each style. In addition to Mixed Martial Arts, we also have separate classes for Sport Brazilian Jiu-jitsuSelf DefenseBoxingKickboxing and Muay Thai– This segmented and Specialized training is important so that students get the fullest high-quality level of training in each Martial Art Used by Pro MMA Fighters.

 No Full Contact or Competition Required!

We offer two types of Mixed Martial Arts Classes 1. Technique and Conditioning 2. Sparring. [frame align=”left”][/frame]Our Technique and Conditioning classes are much like what you would see in a Cardio class except you will see more actual pad and bag work, more technical instruction and our instructors are long-time practitioners in the sports/arts that they teach, so you get and authentic experience, learn real technique and get a better workout. Sparing is optional and done at separate times for students who want to compete when they feel ready; no student is ever called out or pressured to fight.